An estimated 82 million Africans are chronically infected with viral hepatitis. People living with and affected by viral hepatitis in Africa deserve better.

Hepatitis Can’t Wait, lets make the 2030 elimination goal a reality.

Our Program Focus Areas


Ensuring access to affordable hepatitis prevention, care and treatment services in Africa.


Informs programming, decision making and support  implementation of evidence based programs


Engage in knowledge enhancement, experience sharing and promote learning at local community levels

Patient Support

Working to improve the health, livelihood and productivity of people affected by viral hepatitis.

HAO ED Media engagement advocating for the hepatitis B birth dose in Uganda
Lutamaguzi Emmanuel, the HAO Executive Director


HAO is an organization fostering hepatitis elimination efforts in Africa based in Uganda. HAO uses multidisciplinary partnerships to establish presence that puts countries at the center of our work.

Our Vision

A hepatitis free Africa

Our Mission

To engage, empower and strengthen local communities in the hepatitis elimination fight in Africa.


HAO is supported through a unique multi-disciplinary partnership approach involving individuals, academic institutions, CSOs, development partners, private companies and government institutions to achieve the goal of eliminating viral hepatitis in Africa.

East Africa International Medical Center
Rotary International
Lions International
Masterz SK Medical Center
Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development
Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination
World Hepatitis Alliance
World Health Organization (WHO)


Real-life stories and experiences that inspire us to continue our mission to eliminate viral hepatitis in Africa.

Viral hepatitis is one of the most devastating diseases, causing liver failure, cancer and death if left untreated. Take Action.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom

Dr. Tedros Adhanom

WHO – Director General Link to statement

Even though more people die from viral hepatitis than from malaria, HIV, and tuberculosis, “Hepatitis remains an underappreciated health threat,”

Prof. John Ward

Prof. John Ward

CGHE – Director Link to statement

The joy of making a first glance on my newborn is unmatched, it comforts me to know that he vaccinated against hepatitis B within 24 hours of life.



Mother in Uganda Link to statement

Why Choose Us

Patient focused

HAO is a patient-led organization that works with and through hepatitis patients to eliminate viral hepatitis in Africa.


HAO relies on volunteers generosity to avail time and skills for the benefit of our causes rather than for financial benefit.

Team Oriented

HAO creates opportunities for team members to build relationships and trust with each other to ensure unity.

Gender Equality

HAO believes that gender equality is a fundamental human right that makes our communities safer and healthier.


HAO takes responsibility for what we do which is a major factor to better task performance and efficiency.

Our Experience

Since 2019, HAO has consistently supported hepatitis elimination efforts at local, national, regional & international levels.