Who we are

The Hepatitis Aid Organization (HAO) is a Civil Society Organization that is dedicated to eliminate viral hepatitis in Africa by 2030.

We a patient led organization that prioritizes interventions that focus at improving the lives of people living with and affected by viral hepatitis, we also advocate for effective access to affordable viral hepatitis testing, treatment and care services for all in need without discrimination. 

We achieve this by empowering people with lived experience, influencing policy and practice, and working with healthcare and treatment services to deliver support and raise awareness about viral hepatitis.

The Hepatitis Aid Organization (HAO) was founded in 2019 by friends and family of the Vision bearer Mr. Lutamaguzi Emmanuel’s base on the unfavorable experience he faced when we was diagnosed with viral hepatitis B in 2016. At that time, many people had been diagnosed with hepatitis B & C but with no effective treatment and there was no central source for reliable information about viral hepatitis in Uganda. 

Determined to do something, these founders formed the Hepatitis Aid Organization that has over the years later become the leading voice for people affected by viral hepatitis in Africa.

Our Team

Hepatitis Community outreach in Uganda
HAO team at Uganda Martyrs outreach 3rd June 2023

The Hepatitis Aid Organization (HAO) has a dedicated team of staff, volunteers and technical officers that work across Africa to support effective program implementation.

HAO uses a multidisciplinary partnerships approach to establish presence that puts countries at the center of our work through hepatitis patients, healthcare providers, governments, CSOs, academic institutions and private players among other entities. 

Hepatitis Can’t Wait; Together Against Hepatitis.