World Hepatitis Day

Commemorating World Hepatitis Day every year on 28th July

Hepatitis Aid Organization World hepatitis day 2023 commemoration in Kazo district in Uganda
HAO World Hepatitis day 2023 commemoration in Kazo district in Uganda

On the World Hepatitis Day, the Hepatitis Aid Organization (HAO) joins the rest of the world to observe 28th July each year; this day creates a platform for increasing public awareness about the worldwide plight, scaling up service delivery of viral hepatitis services, holding memorial in honor of persons lost to viral hepatitis and evaluating countries’ commitments and response to the 2030 elimination Agenda.

Every 30 seconds, someone losses their life to hepatitis. Globally over 2 billion persons have been exposed to HBV infection; over 316 million persons are living with chronic hepatitis B, with 1.5 million new infections occurring each year. Viral Hepatitis is responsible for an estimated 1.4 million deaths per year from related liver cancer and cirrhosis, a toll comparable to that of HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.

Hepatitis B is a preventable life threatening disease that has been neglected by many individuals and families yet currently has no pharmacological cure. Also, hepatitis B is a silent killer since most of the people living with it do not present signs and symptoms even with years of infection (can only be identified with a blood test). Even if there is a cure for hepatitis C, many people living positively find access barriers due to the high costs of treatment.

The World Hepatitis Day also offers us a major opportunity to unite and galvanize; Governments, private sector, development partners, Civil Society Organizations, celebrities, researchers and other key stakeholders to commit through tangible means, solutions or ideas aiming at facilitating increased country level action to address viral hepatitis in Africa.

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