No Hep Moms

Every day pregnant women living with viral hepatitis B undiagnosed, unknowingly pass on hepatitis B to their newborns, putting their babies at higher risk of liver disease and cancer. Without preventive measures, 9 in 10 babies infected at birth develop chronic infection.

Ending mother to child transmission is key to hepatitis elimination, and we can achieve it if all pregnant women are tested for hepatitis B, linked to care if positive and vaccinated to prevent future infections their babies against hepatitis B. The hepatitis B vaccine is safe, effective and affordable. Despite this, only 48% of countries deliver the birth dose vaccine to newborns.

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Women Can't Wait Conference

In 2021, the world was facing a critical time in history; COVID-19 and its related challenges had hindered the effective delivery of viral hepatitis services and effective implementation of activities geared towards elimination of Viral Hepatitis by 2030.

Building on the No Hep Global Movement theme “No Hep Moms” and that of World Hepatitis Alliance “Hep Can’t Wait” the Hepatitis Aid Organization (HAO) hosted the “Women Can’t Wait Conference” as one of the 2021 commemoration events in partnership with the Uganda Ministry of Health.

The High Level Event  engaged and empowered women to fight and eliminate viral hepatitis in Uganda. It encouraged them to stand up for their rights and ensure their engagement and participation in the implementation, review and follow-up of the 2030 Hepatitis Agenda for Sustainable Development as well as other relevant global & national agendas and frameworks.

This event initiated a movement for; 

  1. The introduction of Hepatitis B Birth dose in Uganda, 
  2. Practical integration of Hepatitis program during maternal, 
  3. Integration of Hepatitis program in the HIV program which translated into political action and investment in the fight to eliminate viral hepatitis in Uganda.

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